Flat Tire? Don’t Stress.

Flat Tire? Don't Stress.

Having a flat or damaged tire is never going to be fun or happen at an ideal time. But Champtires can help alleviate some of the financial stress by saving you up to 80 percent on a replacement tire.

With more than 30,000 premium used tires in stock, Champtires can simply match the tread depth — and even the brand — to your remaining tires.

It’s important to note that if you’re replacing one tire, its tread level should match its counterpart. So front tire tread depths should match and back tire tread depths should be the same. Front and back tires should always be within 2/32 of each other.

If someone tells you that you can’t only replace one tire (or two) and insists that you need to buy two (or a whole set), be sure to question them as to exactly why…tread depths matching is what matters.

Champtires in the Pittsburgh-area:

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Note: If your car is not drivable, simply contact us to arrange having it towed to one of our stores.

For Drivers Across the United States:

Tip: Have your tire(s) shipped to your home or auto body shop.

Why Trust Champtires?

Since 2009, Champtires has specialized in selling new and high-quality used tires to drivers across the U.S. Every tire that enters our warehouse is inspected and tested, and we offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

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