What does hot weather mean for your tires?

daytonaEven if you’re not planning to drive your car on the beach this summer, hot weather presents a few unique challenges to tire quality and safety.

Long road trips, higher temperatures, hauling heavy loads and driving faster all put additional stress on your tires. Here are a few summer tire safety tips:

  • You should check your tires regularly for wear and tear, but if you’re planning any driving vacations or weekend trips away, it’s imperative to inspect your tires before you leave. Finding any potential problems before you head out will increase your safety and could save you a lot of money in the long run. For tips on how to quickly inspect your tires, click here.
  • Check your tire tread. Worn tread can cause a myriad of problems from unexpected blowouts to hydroplaning to your brakes not functioning properly. Click here to learn how to check your tire tread levels. If your tire tread levels are low, do not worry, Champtires can get you the tread levels you need in the brand name you trust – all at a very low cost.
  • Also check your tires’ sidewalls for any imperfections or bulges.
  • Find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle in your owner’s manual. Check the pressure often, preferably when the tires are cold. And, don’t forget to check your spare tire! Note that the tire pressure listed on your sidewalls is the maximum pressure and is not intended to serve as notification of the correct pressure.
  • Do not overload your car or truck. Your vehicle and tires are designed to only operate safely up to their hauling limits. Carrying too much weight creates excessive heat inside your tires, which can lead to tire failure and an accident.
  • If your tires are not inflating properly, are worn or have low tread level, do not let the high cost of new tires scare you from fixing the problem. Champtires can help you get affordable, quality used tires with good treads – in any brand name or quantity that you need. Find out why buying used tires is a great option.

In the Pittsburgh area? Shop in person at our Pittsburgh location on Washington Blvd or in West Mifflin. We offer installation options as well.

If you’re outside of Pittsburgh, visit Champtires.com for the lowest prices on used tires on the Internet – plus we offer free shipping!

Questions? Call 412-462-3000 or email support@champtires.com.

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