Just In: Hundreds of Brand New, Major Brand Name Tires

discountdealsShopping for winter tires? Need to replace one tire or a whole set?

Champtires.com just received a shipment of hundreds and hundreds of BRAND NEW tires. We are passing the savings on to you – save at least 30% off each tire!

We have all of the major brands – Bridgestone, Firestone, etc – in a variety of sizes, including the ones listed below.

Do not wait: tires at low prices like these will not be around long. How can you take advantage of these rock-bottom prices?

  • Shop our website, Champtires.com. All orders placed through our website receive free shipping!
  • Call 412-462-3000.
  • Stop in our location at 1130 Lebanon Road, West Mifflin, PA 15122.

New tire sizes available include:

195/65/11     215/60/16     245/75/16     265/75/16     265/70/16     215/55/17     235/55/17     245/65/17     265/70/17     215 /55/18     225/50/18     235/55/18     285/45/22

Search our website or call 412-462-3000 to see if we have the exact size and/or brand that you need.


Cold Weather and Your Tires


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